SS Standards

Social Studies Standards:

You’ve probably seen some information and news clips about new social studies standards. We wanted to provide some background and information about those proposed standards.

The Governor's office has proposed new social studies standards. We are currently in the public hearing process for standards adoption.

Standards in each content area are updated every six years. The usual process involves 42 South Dakota teachers, one project facilitator (content expert), and one Department of Education project lead. In 2020, the department had 39 teachers, a project facilitator, and a project leader develop standards. In the summer of 2021, the Governor’s office removed those proposed standards and committee members. They provided new standards to a new group of 15. Of those 15, two were South Dakota educators. If these proposed standards pass through the Board of Standards Review, we will have a year to provide teacher training before teaching them.

Below we have created a side-by-side comparison of our current Social Studies standards with the proposed standards that would be taught. Citizens are encouraged to leave a public comment about the standards. You may do so by following this link:  You may also leave a public comment by emailing the SD Dept. of Education @ If you have questions, please contact Mr. Knight 605-563-2291 or

Kindergarten Standards:

1st Grade Standards:

2nd Grade Standards:

3rd Grade Standards:

4th Grade Standards:

5th Grade Standards:

6th Grade Standards:

7th Grade Standards:

8th Grade Standards:

High School Standards: