Yesterday, will walked back into the classroom for the first time since leaving school abruptly on March 13, 2020 due to the coronavirus.  Students ended the year in a remote learning environment, missing out on important face-to-face instruction and relationships with teachers and friends. 


As students and staff return to school this fall, they will bring their collective experiences with them and make a fresh start. 


As we prepare to greet them, we are asking our entire community to come together to support our staff and our students with the message that no matter the learning space - we are ALL in this “together.”  Hang a royal blue ribbon in your window. Write “together” in window paint. Decorate your home and office to show support. Let staff and students know you’re standing by them. You care about them. You wish them success.


We know school won’t look and feel exactly the same this year.

But, school is still school – a place where hope and possibility meet for a bright future. 

We are better “together.”