As conditions and recommendations change, our Start Well Back to School 2020 plan has to change. On Monday, the board approved changes to our plan. Please follow the link below to find our full back to school plan. Here are the four key takeaways.

1. Rewording of the tiers based on recommendation from our governor, the department of health, and department of education.

2. Symptoms: the department of education changed the required hours that students are required to stay out of school based on Covid symptoms. Now if a student has a fever or other symptoms, they are required to stay home for 24 hours NOT 72 hours. 

3. Music, Speech, and Theatre: there is inherent risk involved in participating in music, speech, and theatre classes and performances. We will participate in those knowing the risks. If a student or parent wishes to avoid this risk, they will be responsible to speak to an administrator. The school district like in other settings will be practicing social distancing along with other mitigation strategies. 

4. Visitors: Tier 1 all welcome all the time, they will check in at the front door. Tier 2 & 3 visitors will be allowed in the building with administrator approval. Lunch guests will not be allowed. We do not have the capacity to accommodate lunch guests at this time. Tier 4 no guests, we will be remote learning. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please give us a call.